Study Tours & Visits

ICPS offers a wide range of different forums for the dissemination of ideas and best practice in its areas of expertise in governance, policy and political processes.

One very effective, and experientially very valuable, method of sharing best practice in these areas is a guided seminar-based visit to supra-national institutions around the world which are involved in these fields of work.

ICPS can organise tailor-made trips to a variety of countries and institutions for this purpose, to suit your particular professional training needs, interests and areas of expertise.

The professional study tours and visits have the following format

•  Week-long visits with support from ICPS staff
•  Seminars specifically tailored to meet your needs and interests
•  Visits to international and national institutions
•  Meetings
•  Dinner reception and drinks
•  Cultural visits and activities
•  Hotel accommodation can be arranged

Please see below for details of our current selection of possible professional study tour and visit programmes

Washington - An introduction to the US political system with visits to institutions such as Capitol Hill, National Archives, the Smithsonian, and the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial

New York - An introduction to the US political system with visits to institutions such as the United Nations, the Stock Exchange, and City Hall

Brussels - An introduction to the workings of the European Union with visits to institutions such the European Parliament, the Town Hall and the City Museum

Geneva - Overview of the work of the main international institutions working in Geneva with visits and meetings with organisations such as the WTO, the WHO, and the United Nations

The Hague, Brussels, Luxembourg - Overview of the work of international legal Institutions, with seminars and meetings, and visits to institutions such as the International Criminal Court, the European Parliament, and the European Court of Justice

London - An overview of governance and the legal institutions in the UK, with seminars and visits to institutions such as Parliament, the Supreme Court, the Royal Courts of Justice (High Court), the Inner Temple (Inns of Court), the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey), the City of London Guildhall, and the Tower of London.